"A Google search led me to Rob, and it may have been my luckiest search ever. Rob did a fantastic job building and installing an incredibly original mantle and cabinets to flank my fireplace as well as beautiful matching cabinets in the adjoining kitchen. The natural walnut and butternut are stunning, and the workmanship is so precise. The maple insides of the cabinets and drawers are as beautiful as the outsides. Each drawer and door close perfectly. Rob also is the neatest person I've ever met and completely trustworthy. I gave him my key and went to Europe during the kitchen installation. If you are thinking of working with Rob, ask to see his shop. It will erase any doubts you might have. (Look for the little jars.)" A happy customer in South Amboy, NJ


"We recently completed a project with Barone Woodwork (2 intricate, contemporary, large- scale cabinets in separate rooms). We are extremely satisfied with his work and dedication. Rob effortlessly transformed our vague ideas into beautiful, unique objects. We can't say enough about his fun, generous and pleasant personality, not to mention the skill of his craftsmanship! Anyone using Barone Woodwork will not have to worry about reliability or attention to detail. Having gone above and beyond in every aspect of our transactions, we came away truly believing that what Rob meticulously produced was not the result of simple cabinetry but the work of a skilled artisan! Thank You, Rob!" - Stella & Lars


"The kitchen looks FABULOUS!!!! It's like I can't stop looking at my kitchen as I type here in my L/R...! You have done a marvelous job and I couldn't be happier with it. There really is nothing I would change in what you've done and created. Thank you again for all you've done, and the beautiful craftsmanship that has spoiled me for all future kitchens!" - Lynn


"On behalf of our entire Parish community, thank you for your contribution to the building of our Church. Your artistic efforts have made it very much a place of notable artwork, as well as, a wonderful place of worship. Your design skills, as well as, your skills at creating the pieces according to your designs are amazing. The attention that you give to detail in every aspect of your work with wood is tremendous, and the care given in completing the piece is just beautiful." - Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Walsh



"Thanks for making me a "dream kitchen". Beyond anything I ever expected! I can't wait to get back in the house to try everything out." - Cheryl

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